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In this section, you can manage the endpoints in your network. The endpoints could be the computers, laptops, in your Seqrite EndPoint Security Cloud network or the mobiles devices registered under your Seqrite mSuite product.
The access permissions depend on the role of the logged in user.

Navigation to product console

Use the Endpoint Security and mSuite tabs to navigate directly to the respective product portal where you can start managing the registered devices. You can carry out the administrative activities based on your user role and assigned permissions.

Endpoint Security

To navigate to the Seqrite EndPoint Security Cloud console, click EndPoint Security.


To navigate to the Seqrite mSuite console, click mSuite.

Note: When you click the EndPoint Security or mSuite button, you are navigated away from the Seqrite HawkkEye portal to the Seqrite EndPoint Security Cloud console or Seqrite mSuite console corresponding to the button you click. To return to HawkkEye portal, click Back to Seqrite HawkkEye link on the upper left corner of the console.


To navigate to the Seqrite HawkkScan console, click HawkkScan.

Seqrite Hawkkscan is a cutting-edge data privacy management platform that empowers your organization with critical privacy management capabilities. You can search, locate, and track sensitive Personal data (PD) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data spread across your organisation’s landscape, classify, and label this data to suit your business and privacy compliance requirements, and finally manage subject profiles and subject rights requests.


To navigate to the Seqrite HawkkProtect console, click HawkkProtect.

There are three prerequisites to access HawkkProtect.

  1. End Users
  2. User Dynamic Tags
  3. Application Dynamic Tags

You can access HawkkProtect after fulfilling all the above prerequisites.

Seqrite’s HawkkProtect enables your organization to enforce a zero trust user access paradigm across any employee, contractor, or vendor staff who have access to its applications and services, whether from within or outside the corporate network. HawkkProtect fits today’s ‘work from anywhere’ world. It leverages the principle of least privilege and shifts the focus from securing networks to securing individual users, devices, resources, and connections instead.

HawkkHunt XDR

To navigate to the Seqrite HawkkHunt XDR console, click HawkkHunt XDR.

Seqrite HawkkHunt complements Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud, by adding the detection layer. It monitors activities on endpoints, detects suspicious behaviour, and allows Incident Responders to take remediation actions. Seqrite HawkkHunt is effective against advanced cyber attacks, which remain active within an organization’s network for several days and months. With Seqrite HawkkHunt you can reduce this “dwell time” (duration for which an attack remains active within an organization before discovery) and minimize the impact of a cyber attack.

Seqrite HawkkHunt collects interesting data from endpoints, processes the data through correlation engine, looks for interesting patterns, and generates alerts when some potentially malicious activities are identified.

Administrator users should not be able to navigate to a specific product from the HE Console during downtime when certain point products have scheduled maintenance or build refresh activities during that time frame.

Product Trial Request and license activation

  • If you have a Seqrite End Point Security (EPS) product license, you will see an orange Try message besides the mSuite tab and the product information for Seqrite mSuite on the right pane.
  • If you have a Seqrite mSuite product license, you will see an orange Try message besides the Endpoint Security tab and the product information for Seqrite End Point Security (EPS) on the right pane.

If you have purchased a product license, you can use the Activate license link to activate your purchased license. If you want to try using the product before you purchase, use the Request for trial link.

Note: Customers who have purchased both the product licenses will not see this message. They will be directly logged on to respect the product console on clicking the links.

Request for a trial license

You can request a 30-day trial for the other Seqrite products that you wish to try out before you buy a commercial license.

  1. Click the Request for Trial button. You are navigated to the Sign up page for the product.
  2. Enter the details as requested.
  3. Complete the captcha process and click Sign Up.
  4. Enter the First name, last name, email address and mobile number. Note that this email address will be used as username for logging on to the product portal for the trial. Login details will be sent to this email address.
  5. Click Next, and then, click Register. You will soon receive a notification mail with login credentials on the registered email address.

Purchased a commercial license and have the Product Key?

  1. If you already have purchased a commercial license and have the product key, click the Activate License link. You will be navigated to the Product Activation dialog box.
  2. Enter the purchased product key in the designated box.
  3. Click Activate. A success prompt confirms the successful activation of the purchased license and you will get a notification mail on the registered email address.

Help links

Help section for Seqrite EndPoint Security Cloud console

Help section for Seqrite mSuite console

Help section for Seqrite HawkkScan console

Help section for Seqrite HawkkProtect console

Note: When you click any of the above help links, you have navigated away from the HawkkEye help to the Help section per your selection.

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