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This feature helps you create users for the Seqrite HawkkEye portal. Users can be added through Seqrite HawkkEye as well as the individual Seqrite mSuite or Seqrite EPS products, or from Seqrite HawkkScan or HawkkProtect products and then synchronized.

To add a user, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite HawkkEye portal.

  2. Go to Users. The Users page appears displaying list of users.

  3. Click Add User button.The Add User dialog appears.

  4. Enter First Name, Last name, Email address, Mobile number, Phone number.

    Note: ☛
    The email address must be a business email address. HawkkEye will not accept generic email address.

  5. Select the Seqrite HawkkEye User role as applicable.

  6. If you select User as HawkkEye User Role, the Enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) option does not appear in the window.
    For other roles, select the Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) check box if required. By default the Email-based OTP option is enabled for the user, select the SMS-based OTP if required. If the SMS-based OTP option is enabled for the user then that user will get the OTP on the email address as well as on the user’s registered mobile number. Before that, the user needs to verify the mobile number from Edit Profile Section.

  7. Note: ☛
    Only the Super Administrator can Enable or Disable 2FA for users.

    Note: ☛
    When the Super Administrator enables 2FA for users, the users receive an email notification. Subsequently, every time the user logs in, they are required to provide an OTP that is sent to their registered mobile device or email address in order to access the HawkkEye dashboard.

  8. Click Add. A success prompt is displayed.

  9. The new user is added to the list.

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