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Seqrite HawkkProtect enforces the ‘Never trust; always verify’ paradigm on users’ access to enterprise applications.

HawkkProtect is a security paradigm that requires all users, even those who are inside the organization enterprise network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validating security access policies, before being granted or keeping access to enterprise applications.

You must purchase a commercial license for HawkkProtect to use it with Seqrite EPS. A trial version for a limited period is also available for you to try before you buy.

If you have purchased the commercial license for HawkkProtect, click Go to HawkkProtect link to access HawkkProtect console.

If you have not purchased a commercial licence for HawkkProtect, when you click the Go to HawkkProtect link, you are navigated to the Demo request page of Seqrite HawkkProtect.
Here you can view information about Seqrite HawkkProtect and submit a demo request by filling the form.

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