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The types of Connectors:

  • Enrichment Connectors
  • Ingestion Connectors
  • Response Connectors

The following table describes fields that you can view on the Connectors page.

Fields Description
CONNECTOR NAME Displays the name of the Connector.
VENDOR Displays the name of the Vendor.
TENANT INSTANCE Displays whether the instance is configured.
FUNCTIONS Displays functions associated with the Connector.

When you click any row of the connector, the details of the connector appear in the right pane.

In Ingestion Connector, the Checkpoint Firewall Connector support is available.

With the new functions supported in the Response Connector, a user can perform the following remediation actions through playbooks.

  • Host Reboot
  • Host Isolation
  • Host Reconnection
  • Process Kill
  • Process Quarantine
  • File Quarantine
  • Registry Delete
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