Configuring a Remote Application

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To configure a remote application for limited application access, follow these steps.

  1. Open Server Manager.
  2. Navigate to Remote Desktop Services > Collections > QuickSessionCollection.
  3. In the REMOTEAPP PROGRAMS section, click the Tasks drop-down menu and select Publish RemoteApp Programs.

    Publish remoteapp programs

    The Publish RemoteApp Programs dialog box opens.

  4. Select the app that you want to configure and click Next.

    Selecting app to configure

  5. On the Confirmation page, click Publish.

    Confirmation page

  6. After the application is published, right-click it in the REMOTEAPP PROGRAMS section.

    Edit properties

    Click Edit Properties.

  7. On the General tab, click the Yes option button in the Show the RemoteApp program in RD Web Access dialog.


    Click OK.

  8. On the Parameters tab, click the Allow any command-line parameters option button if you want to support command-line parameters. Else, click the other two option buttons as required.


    Click OK.

  9. On the User Assignment tab, it is highly recommend to change the User Assignment option to a specific user or a group of users.

    User Assignment

    You will be connected to the server as a pre-designated account, which can be managed by Privileged Identity. This is the only account that requires access to run the program. The assigned account requires all permissions and rights to launch the desired programs.
    After this is done, click OK.

Known Issues

Following known issues occur while accessing remote desktop applications.

Case – 1:
After an application is minimized, it cannot be maximized. The screen will remain blacked out.

Black Out

The workaround:
The user must wait for one minute. After one minute, the user can relaunch the application from the application portal.

Case – 2:
User opens one application and closes the browser tab without closing the application. The first application is visible when the user opens another application.

Two applications open

There is no workaround for this case. You can close one application and access the other application.

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