Clipboard Access

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As an administrator, it is possible to grant specific permissions while accessing applications with the Web RDP, Web SSH, Web Telnet, and Web VNC protocols, including allowing or blocking access to certain functionalities such as clipboard access. The administrator can grant granular-level permissions, including the ability to use copy-and-paste functions from a local to a remote machine and vice versa.

Enabling Clipboard Access

To enable the clipboard access follow these steps.

  1. Go to Applications > Add Applications.
  2. Click Private Web Apps.
  3. Choose the appropriate protocol (WebSSH, WebRDP, WebTelnet, or WebVNC) from the dropdown.
  4. The Permissions fields will become active. Select the ‘Allow Clipboard Access‘ option and click Add.
    Allow Clipboard Access

    Once an administrator grants permission to a user to access the clipboard, the permission will remain active for the entire session. However, any modifications made to the permission during the same session will not take effect and the original permission will remain in effect until the session ends.

Enabling Clipboard Access for Firefox Browser

To enable clipboard access for Firefox Browser follow these steps.

  1. Open Firefox Browser.
  2. In the address bar, type ‘about:config’ and search.
    Parameter 1
  3. A page appears with the option ‘Accept the Risk and Continue’.
    Parameter 1
  4. For the following two Parameters change the preferences as True.


    Parameter 1
    Parameter 2

Scope and Constraints

  1. The browser may prompt you with a pop-up window asking for permission to access your clipboard when you copy or paste something using your web browser. This permission request is a one-time action, meaning that you will only need to grant permission once, and the browser will remember your choice for future instances of copying and pasting.

  2. Clipboard access is restricted to text and does not extend to images or files.
  3. The following table shows the Protocol wise maximum number of supporting characters for copy-and-paste functionality.

    Protocol Maximum number of supported characters
    WebSSH 262142
    WebTelnet 257845
    WebRDP 126754
    WebVNC 252406
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