Session Recording

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The HawkkProtect administrator can view session recordings to monitor end-user behavior on sensitive applications.

Enabling Session Recording

To enable a session recording, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Applications > Add Applications.
  2. Click Private Web Apps.
  3. Choose the appropriate protocol (WebSSH, WebRDP, WebTelnet, or WebVNC) from the dropdown.
  4. The Permissions fields will become active. Select the ‘Allow Session Recording‘ option and click Add.
    Allow Clipboard Access


  • A session recording add-on is available to customers with an existing license.
    Availability of the session recordings for

    • Standard License is for 7 days.
    • Enterprise License is for 30 days.
  • The supported resolution for the recording is 1366×768.
  • On Windows and macOS, the video of the recorded session is stored in the M4V format, while on Linux, it is stored in the MP4 format.
  • The session recording feature is applicable to webRDP, WebSSH, WebTelnet, and WebVNC web-based protocols.

Once the administrator has enabled session recording, users will be notified that their session is being recorded along with the timer when they access the application.

Session Recording Notification

The administrator can view the session recording expiry date on the Audit Trail > Session Recording page, so that he can download it if required.

Session Recording Download Option

Once an administrator grants permission to a user to record the session, the permission will remain active for the entire session. However, any modifications made to the permission during the same session will not take effect and the original permission will remain in effect until the session ends.

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