Version 1.0.3

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Release Date – 28 April, 2022

What’s New

Seqrite HawkkProtect includes the following features.

Dedicated Visibility Tab

  • Create user and application hierarchy and view real-time connection flow between the users, applications/services across your organizational IT infrastructure.
  • Generate graphic presentation of user and connection statistics for all application services.
  • View complete details for connection between users and applications/ services such as detection time for attempted connections, source IP address, destination IP address, user details, and applications/ services details. View status for policies applied to users.

Tag Management

  • Create static tags using key and value pairs and assign them to users and applications.
  • Create dynamic tags using attributes fetched from IdP/ application parameters. These tags are assigned to the users and applications automatically.
  • Granular and custom policy rules can be created using tags.

Effective Policy Management

  • Create explicit allow policy rules using user and application tags for granting enterprise application access only to required users.
  • Create policies with Observe mode ON to monitor specific connection attempts.

Other features

  • IdP management: Identity Providers (IdP) are used to manage users and access privileges in organizations.
  • Site management: Site is the gateway which is automatically deployed on Seqrite AWS cloud account. You can configure it by choosing appropriate IdP and Certificate details.
  • Application catalog: A list of organizational applications and services to which connections are attempted.
  • App connector management: App connectors allow the user to safely access private organizational applications and lets you integrate on-premise AD without the use of VPN.

Known Issues

Some of the important known issues in version 1.0.3 are as follows.

  • User portal SAML logout with google IDP is not working.
  • Admin portal is not supported on Safari browser for HawkkProtect v1.0 release.
  • In RDP application, user is able to access all the applications from the file explorer option.
    Work around: The administrator can use AD 2016 options on the UI to configure AD 2019 as an IDP.
  • If Entity ID and Reply URL are modified from the UI, reauthorization does not work for Google workspace IdP.
  • Names of policies, certificates, and applications is appearing in lowercase across few pages.
  • For all the IdPs, if users are deleted, the policy access rules related to the user are not getting removed from HawkkProtect.
  • In globe view, incorrect user location might be visible sometimes.
  • ‘Incorrect username/ password’ error is displayed for users for whom Administrator has selected ‘user must change password at next logon’ option in On-premise AD.
  • The relative URL path is not appended to the URL if a user directly accesses the application instead of accessing it via user portal.
  • Password based authentication does not work for WebVNC.
  • For web RDP port type; after the application is minimized, user is not able to maximize the application.
    Workaround: The user must wait for one minute. After one minute, the user can relaunch the application from the application portal.
  • CPU utilization of the client machine is very high when tried to load the connections on the visibility page.
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