Audit Trail

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This page displays all the activities that different users have performed while accessing the organizational services and applications. This helps the administrator monitor all the activities in Seqrite HawkkProtect. This information can be filtered and sorted as required.

Audit trail 1.1 new

The following information for each activity is displayed on this page.

Field Description
User Name of the user.
User role Role of the user in Seqrite HawkkProtect.
Action type Action taken by the user.
Entity type Entity on which the action was performed.
Entity name Name of the entity.
Date/ Time The date and time at which the action was performed. You can sort the activities in ascending or descending order on this page by clicking this label.
Search To search users by name.
Add Filter To add a filter. To know more, refer the Adding a filter to refine the view section on Visibility page.

When you click any record, the above information is displayed in the right pane.

Audit trail right pane

Click the View drop-down menu in upper right corner to view records for particular duration. Now the time duration supports up to last 180 days, under the custom option available in the drop-down. Click the Export CSV button to export the data on screen in CSV format.

Session Recording

The session recording activities are listed on this page. For additional information on session recording, please click here.

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