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Certificates allow users to access the gateway before accessing the organization applications.

Certificate management 1.1

Only one type of certificate can be added at a time.

On this page, the following information is displayed.

Column Name Description
Certificate Name Certificate name.
Type Type of certificate, whether custom or auto-generated.
State Current state of the certificate.
Valid Upto Certificate validity date.
Certificate Description Certificate description, if any.
Add Certificate To add a new certificate.

Click the Certificate Name column to sort the available certificates in alphabetical order.

Actions available with certificates

When you hover over each certificate name, the following options are displayed on extreme right.

Action Icon Action Label Description
Edit Edit To edit the certificate name and description.
Delete Delete To delete the certificate.
right arrow Side bar To view the details of the certificate.
  • Bulk actions: Select the check boxes in front of the certificate names to delete the selected certificates.

Click a certificate name to display the following information.

Fields Description
Name Certificate name
Description Certificate description.
Email ID Email ID.
Valid From Date from which the certificate is valid.
Valid To Date till which the certificate is valid.
Subject Subject name.
Thumbprint The string used to identify a certificate.
Issuer Issuer of the certificate.
Subject Alternative Name(s) Alternate subject name.
Country Country of origin for the certificate.
State State of origin for the certificate.
Locality Locality where the certificate file is stored.
Organization Organization name available in the certificate.

Adding a certificate

To add a certificate, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Seqrite HawkkProtect portal. Navigate to Settings > Certificates in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Add Certificate. A drop down menu appears.
  3. Select from the available two options.
  4. Note:
    Only custom certificate can be added to integrate ADFS IdP type with HawkkProtect.

    Adding a custom certificate

    If you select Custom Certificate, a new page appears.

    Add custom certificate 1

    Add custom certificate 2

    Enter the following certificate details.

    1. Enter the certificate name.
    2. Enter the certificate description.
    3. Paste the certificate body file content.
    4. Upload the certificate chain file.
      The certificate chain file is used if there are multiple entries in a certificate file.
    5. Paste the private key file content.
    6. Enter the site domain name.
    7. Enter the passphrase.
      Passphrase is required for an encrypted private key file.

    Adding an auto-generated certificate

    Auto generated certificate 1.1

    Enter the following certificate details.

    1. Enter the certificate name.
    2. Enter the certificate description.
    3. Enter the organization name.
    4. Enter the site domain name.
  5. After this is done, click Add Certificate.
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