Steps to restart the Data Classification Engine (DCE)

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When you start Seqrite HawkkScan for the first time, the HDFS may slip into safe mode and Data Classification Engine (DCE) may need to be restarted.


  • IP address of the Bastion Host of the cluster to which you want to connect.
  • Private key that was configured while creating the cluster.
  • PuTTY installed on the local machine.

To restart the Data Classification Engine (DCE), follow these steps.

  1. Start PAGEANT.EXE .
  2. Click Add Key to add a private key of cluster in pageant.

    Add key

  3. Start puTTY.
  4. Specify cluster bastion host IP address in the Host Name (or IP address) textbox.

    Host name

  5. In the left pane, Navigate to Connection > SSH > Auth.
  6. Click Auth.
  7. Select the Allow agent forwarding checkbox.

    Allow agent forwarding

  8. Click Open.
  9. Enter ubuntu as the login user name on PuTTY.

    Login as Ubuntu

  10. Press Enter.
    Now you are connected to the cluster bastion host.
  11. To connect to the K8S cluster, enter the following command.

    Connect to k8 cluster

    Press Enter.

  12. To create an alias, enter the following command.
    alias mk=microk8s.kubectl
    Press Enter.

    Create alias and DCE

  13. To navigate to the DCE folder, enter the following command.
    cd dce
    Press Enter.
  14. To delete the secret, enter the following command.
    microk8s.kubectl delete secret regcred -n dce
    Press Enter.

    Delete secret

  15. To create a new secret, enter the following command.
    microk8s.kubectl create secret docker-registry regcred \
    – \
    –docker-username=AWS \
    –docker-password=$(aws ecr get-login-password) \

    Press Enter.

    Create new secret

  16. To delete the already running DCE application, enter the following command.
    mk delete -f dce-deployment.yaml -n dce
    Press Enter.

    Delete the running DCE

  17. Wait for 2 minutes and check if dce application is stopped by entering the following command.
    mk get pod -n dce
    Press Enter.

    Check if DCE application is stopped

    If the DCE is not running, it will display ‘No resources found in dce namespaces’ message.

  18. Start the DCE application once again by using following command.
    mk apply -f dce-deployment.yaml -n dce
    Press Enter.
  19. After 2 minutes, check if the restarted DCE is running by entering the following command.
    mk get pod -n dce
    Press Enter.

    Check if the restarted DCE application is running

    If the status for DCE driver and its executers is displayed as ‘Running’ then the restarted DCE is running.

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