Version 1.0.1

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Release Date – 14 May, 2022

What’s New

Seqrite HawkkScan includes the following features.

Powerful data discovery and data classification engine

  • Provision to connect different types of data sources.
  • Scans can be scheduled as per requirement.
  • Default classifiers and tags are available. Based on requirement, custom classifiers and tags can be created.

Advanced Subject-Rights Request Management

  • Manage subject rights requests through a comprehensive workflow.
    Comprehensive dashboard
  • View all the consolidated data related to found records on a single dashboard.
  • View categories, classifiers, tags and locations of the records in the form of infographics.

Effective user management

  • Add new users through Seqrite HawkkEye.
  • Manage various user roles and their privileges through the ‘Users’ tab from the HawkkScan console.

Known Issues

Some of the important known issues in version 1.0.1 are as follows.

  • Custom classifiers cannot be made stitch-able from UI.
  • After starting Seqrite HawkkScan for the first time, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) slips into safe mode.
    Workaround: Restart the Data Classification Engine manually. To know more, refer
  • Date is not displayed in local language format.
  • The breadcrumb text is not getting translated to the selected language across all pages.
  • For SSL enabled Oracle data sources, after clicking the Test connection button, sometimes a Test connection failed error is displayed.
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