Version 1.1

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Release Date – 19 September, 2022

What’s New

Seqrite HawkkScan includes the following new features.

On-Premise Deployment support for Discovery Realm

  • Administrator can deploy discovery and analysis realm through an OVA file.

Simplified Onboarding Wizard

  • Product onboarding wizard has been simplified for an administrator with different options for discovery realm deployment.

Support for new Data Source Connectors

  • Discover and classify sensitive data on Outlook 365 and Vision Help Desk.

Product License Enforcement

  • Added enforcement checks for search queries and number of customer classifiers-tags.

Other Features

  • Bug Fixes and UI Improvements.

Known Issues

Some of the important known issues in version 1.1 are as follows.

  • The SSL option on the data source configuration page for Oracle is not available.
  • The breadcrumb text is not getting translated to the selected language across all pages.
  • For S3 data source, the user has to scroll more to see the task comments section.
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