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Tags help you classify the PD and PII information on your databases as per your requirements. You can use the default tags in Seqrite HawkkScan or create a custom tag as required. Default tag usually has a predefined or default key that is identified with a value. You can also create a custom tag with a new key and associate a value with the key. You can link a color with a tag for ease of identification and provide a description.


At the top of this page, a series of widgets display the count of total tags, default tags, and custom tags. In the middle section, the following information for existing tags is displayed.

Column Name Description
Key Tag key.
Value Tag value.
Type Type of the tag whether default or custom.
Description Additional information about the tag.

Actions available with tags

When you hover over each tag, the following options appear on the far right in the empty space next to Description column.

Action Icon Action Label Description
Enable tag_HS 1.1 Enable To enable the tag.
Disable tag_HS 1.1 Disable To disable the tag.
Edit Edit To edit the details of a custom tag.
Copy Copy To copy the tag.
Delete Delete To delete a custom tag.

You can also select multiple tags and perform the above operations.

  • Search: You can also search for a tag using the designated search box.
  • Add Tag: To create a new custom tag.

Adding a tag

To add a tag, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to the Seqrite HawkkScan portal. On the Tags page, click Add Tag.

  2. Add Tag

  3. On the Add Tag page, enter the following information as required.
    • Enter the tag key.
    • Enter the tag value
    • Color of the tag.
    • Enter additional information about the tag, if any.
  4. Click Add tag. A success prompt is displayed and the tag is added to the list.
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