Flash mEnrollment

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The Flash mEnrollment allows bulk enrollment without manual interference for individual device. The Admin imports device IMEI on mSuite console and the device gets enrolled automatically with the mSuite by installing the mSuite agent on the device. This enrollment is done without the need for OTP or Scan QR code for the enrollment. Enterprise device users can have a hassle-free use of the device without thinking about the registration, OTP, or configurations.

If you prefer Flash mEnrollment, you must import device IMEI, group name and device owner Email id in CSN format. Post IMEI import, you can set preference to assign device name using IMEI number, MAC address, phone number or system generated name.

Note: Flash mEnrollment will not work on the devices with Android OS version 10.

Enrolling device with Flash mRollment

To enroll the device with zero touch enrollment process, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the right upper corner, click the logged on user name > click Setup Services > Flash mEnrollment.
  2. Click Import Details. In this section, you can import details such as IMEI number of the devices, the group name in which the user should be added, and the user email address.
  3. Click in the blank field or click Select File, and browse for the csv. file and click Open. Then click Import. If you want to see the reference csv. file, click Download sample CSV file format link.
    • Export: Use this option to export the IMEI details.
    • Delete: Use this option to delete all the IMEI details exported till date.
  4. Click Device Name Preference and from the Select Device Name list, select the required option.
    • As System Generated: Select this option to have a default nomenclature for the devices.
    • As IMEI Number: Select this option to name the device as per IMEI number.
  5. Click Save.
    To enroll the device, the device user needs to download and install the mSuite Agent App and it will auto-enroll with mapped group and owner. Device user will not require to Scan QR Code or enter OTP/Company Code.
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