Notification Preference

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With Notification Preference, the Admin can set the channel to receive notification on the mSuite console. Few default notifications are selected, but you can select your own preference of notifications to be received.

  • Console Notification: You can select the required notification type check box to receive the notifications on the console. By default, Message from Seqrite notification is already set and cannot be changed. Other few notifications are also selected by default, but you can change the preference as per your requirement.
  • Email Notification: With this option, you can select the check boxes to receive email notification for selected incidents. You will not receive any email notification for Fence Trigger as it is configured in fence configuration settings. You can add maximum three email IDs to send email notifications to the respective users.

Creating Notification Preference

To create notification preference, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the right upper corner, click the logged on user name > click Setup Services > Notification Preference.
    • From Console Notification list, select the required check boxes to receive the notifications on mSuite console for the specific notification type.
    • From Email Notification list, select the required check boxes to receive notifications from email. Then enter the comma-separated email Ids in the text field to send email notification. Thus, only the added users will receive the email notification for each incident.
      For example, to receive notifications for device enrollment on console and through email, select the Console Notification and Email Notification (to receive email, add in the email IDs in the text field) check boxes available in front of Device Enrollment option.
      Notification Preference
  2. Click Save. Notification preference to receive notifications on the console and through email is set.
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