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The Setup Services section lets you register cloud services for the Android and iOS devices. These setup services allow the communication between Agent and server. It is a one-time activity to be done on the Seqrite mSuite console. The service helps you to send messages from the server to the enrolled devices. This acts as an interface between the Agent and server. The Setup Services include the following features: Apple Certificate, Seqrite mSuite and Launcher Upgrade Setting, Agent Preferences, Company Branding, Notification Preferences, and SMS Settings.

Note: The Setup Services section is visible to Super Admin and to the Admin with the Super Admin privilege.

Apple Certificate

Apple Push Notification Service helps you to configure cloud services for the iOS devices.

Customers must have an Apple ID for configuring APNS mSuite certificate and use their Apple mSuite Certificate to send the push notification to the device. This is the one-time activity and follow the further instructions given on the Seqrite mSuite console.

Two options are displayed:

  • Renew Now: Use this option to renew the Apple mSuite Push Certificate prior to its expiration.
  • Remove Certificate: Use this option, if you do not wish to manage the iOS devices.
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