License Telemetry

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License Telemetry gives you a way to generate reports on the journey of subscription of the SEQRITE EPS Cloud, SEQRITE mSuite, SEQRITE HawkkProtect, and SEQRITE HawkkScan licenses. You can observe how many trial licenses are active, how many of the trial licenses have been converted to commercial ones, how many licenses have expired, and how many licenses are due for renewal.

This data helps the SEQRITE MSSP partners to plan how to pursue the potential buyers to buy the licenses.

Generating the License Telemetry

To generate license telemetry, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to SEQRITE MSSP with your credentials.
  2. On the left panel, click the License Telemetry menu.
  3. On the License Telemetry screen, select any of the following parameters.

    • Customer Segment
    • Customer Industry/Vertical
    • User Sizing
    • Annual Revenue in USD
    • Annual IT Budget in USD
    • Annual IT Security Budget in USD
    • Product
    • Period
    • Country
  4. Click Generate Report.

    The report is generated. You can observe the license metrics.

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