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On the Users page you can view the details of the existing users. Also you can create a user. You can edit user details or delete a user. You can also send activation link to new user to activate their account.

A user may be assigned a ordinary user or an administrators role, or a Help desk representative, or a read-only user role. Ordinary users do not have access to the Seqrite HawkkEye console, the administrator has full authority and can manage the mobile and PC endpoints directly through the HawkkEye console.

A read-only role has a read-only access to the console and cannot carry our any modification to the existing functionality.
The User page displays the information of all the users in the table format. The table includes information such as User Name, Email address, Mobile Number, HawkkEye role, Other roles, and icons for edit or delete actions as applicable.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Using the Export as CSV button on the upper right corner, you can export the list of selected users to a .CSV file that is downloaded on the computer.
  • Sort the entries based on User Name.
  • Filter the entries by selecting the appropriate user role in the Filter drop-down.
  • Select all the users from the table by selecting the check box in the header row.
  • Select an individual user by selecting the corresponding check box in that row.
  • Search the details of a particular user with the help of search criteria entered in the search box. You can also carry out search based on First Name, Last Name, email address, or Mobile Number.
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