Device View

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You can switch to the Device view to see all the alerts that have occurred in the past 7, 15, or 30 day period associated with a particular host.

    1. Click the blue caret on the upper right corner of the popup (highlighted in yellow).
      The Device view is displayed as shown below with all the alerts related to that host displayed as circles. Color of the circle indicates the severity of that alert. The color will be red if alert has high severity, orange if medium severity, and yellow if alert has low severity.
      Device view
    2. Click on a circle to view the status, timestamp, hostname, and associated tactic. The right pane displays the endpoint information on which the alerts have been generated.
    3. Use the Filter option to look for a particular alert satisfying the filter criteria.
    4. Add the filter as required and click Apply. The alerts for that device would be displayed as per the applied filter.

Viewing My Alerts

Click on My Alerts to view only the alerts that are assigned to you (logged in user).


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