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Only the Administrator can assign roles to other users in Seqrite HawkkHunt (SHH). Only the Administrator can view and access this Manage Users page. 

The following user roles are present in Seqrite HawkkHunt:

  1. Security Analyst
  2. SOC Manager
  3. Administrator
  4. Seqrite Administrator

The following table defines the access rights for the user roles. Y represents Yes and N represents No.

Security Analyst SOC Manager Administrator Seqrite Administrator
Create N Y N N
Execute Y Y N N
Delete N Y N N
View Y Y N N
Notifications Configuration N Y Y N
Remediation Actions Y Y N N
Report notifications Settings N Y Y N
Dashboard – Analyst Y N N N
Dashboard – SOC Manager N Y N N
Dashboard – Admin N N Y N
Create and edit Y Y N N
View Y Y N N
Rules Builder
Create N Y N N
View Y Y N N
Create System Rules N N N Y
Create Y Y N N
Execute Y Y N N
Add N Y N N
Create N N Y N
View Y Y Y N
Edit N N Y N
Delete N N Y N

The mapping of user roles in EPS and SHH

SHH role for user in EPS Default SHH role for user in SHH
Custom role with any role name Security Analyst
HawkkHunt Admin Administrator
HawkkHunt Incident Responder Security Analyst
Super Admin Seqrite Administrator

Navigating to Manage Users page

Go to Settings> Mange Users.

The list of existing users appears.

The following table appears on the Manage Users page.

Field Description
USER NAME Displays the User Name.
EMAIL ADDRESS Displays the Email address of the user.
USER ROLE Displays the User Role in SHH.
ACTION Displays the Change Role link in each row when hovered.

Changing role of the User

  1. Click the link Change Role for the user that you want to change. The User Role dialog appears.
  2. Select the User Role from the list.
  3. Click Save.

User role will be updated.


To filter User Roles as per your requirements, enter the criterion in the filter box, add more conditions as required. The displayed User Roles list is automatically updated as per the set criteria.


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