Creating a Query

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  1. On the HawkkHunt portal, click the Threat Hunting page in the left navigation pane. The Threat Hunting tab is highlighted with a yellow square. You can directly search using appropriate search parameters or create a new query using the query builder.

Creating a query

  1. Click the Add + button to add the filter values. The Filters dialog box is displayed.

  1. In the Search textbox, click and select from the filters that are displayed.

  1. Enter the value of the filter that you want to use in the search query. For example, Name. The filter is selected and displayed in the Search box, enter a value for the indicator. For example, we shall add Name: Powershell.exe

  1. Click Add+ to add the selected IOC and the search value. The value is selected and displayed under Selected Filters.

  1. Click in the Search box and repeat above steps to add other IOC values for the search query. For example, and IP address IP:””.
  2. Add more IOC as required. To remove a particular filter, click the corresponding x mark for that value.
  3. Click Apply to apply the search criteria.
  4. Once you are done with adding the filters and their values, click Save Query. The query is saved with time stamp and moved to the Saved Queries tab.

  1. Enter a name for the query in the Query Name column (highlighted in the yellow box). For example, Powershell+IP, and click Save. A confirmation message is displayed and the query is saved.
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