On Demand Reports

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On Demand Report helps you to get the detailed reports on various factors including whether the devices comply with the policy of the organization or if there has been any malware attacks.

You can generate reports for the following factors.

Report Type Description
Device Compliance Report Shows whether the devices comply with the policy of the organization.
Device Health Report Shows the status of the devices.
Device Asset Tracking Report Shows if the assets of the devices in the network.
Device Sync Report Shows which devices connected to the Seqrite mSuite console and whether data from the devices synced with the server.
Device Connected Report Shows if the devices have been connected as expected.
Malware Detection Report Shows where there has been any malware attack on the devices.
Internet Data Usage Report Displays the Internet usages of the devices.
Call/SMS logs Tracking Report Displays call and SMS logs done on the devices.
App Non-Compliance Report Shows the devices that violate any compliance policy.
Web Volition in Workspace Shows if there has been any web violation.
Workspace App Non-Compliance Report Shows if any of the devices violate Workspace app compliance.

Generating a report

To generate a report, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console.

  2. In the left pane, click Reports and then click On Demand Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  3. On the Reports page, select a report type and then click Search. The relevant report is generated.

    The following buttons allow you to carry out certain actions.

Button Description
Search Allows you to filter the report.
Reset Allows you to reset the report type.
Schedule Report Allows you to schedule generating reports automatically. To schedule a report, click the Schedule Report option and then write the report name, set the frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) when the report should be generated, set the report period for which the report is required, and then set the email addresses to which the report should be sent. After setting all the options, click Confirm. The report would be generated and sent on the schedule.
Export Allows you to export the generated report.

You can further view the details of a user or the device. To see the details, click the User Name or the device name.

For example, if you have generated a report on Device Compliance, you can see and edit the details, see the location and app installed on the device, data usage and call/sms logs, and so on. Different factors may be available for different reports.

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