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The Profiles section of Workspace helps you to restrict the Web access of the user’s device by black listing URLs, black listing certain URLs of a website irrespective of the domain, blacklisting or whitelisting keywords. If any keyword or URL is blacklisted, it will not be accessible through the Workspace browser. But if any keyword or URL is whitelisted, it will be accessible through the custom browser.

For iOS devices, you can only whitelist or blacklist the websites or use auto filter.

Advanced Search for Workspace Profiles

This search option allows you to perform an advanced search for different Workspace profiles. To search profiles, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, select Workspace > Profiles.

  2. On the Workspace Profile page, click Advanced Search.

  3. From the Select Created By list, select the desired creator name and click Search.

    The search result gets displayed.

Take an action for Workspace Profiles

The Take Action list appears on the profiles list page when you select single or multiple profiles. The Take Action list shows the following option:

  • Delete: Helps you to delete single or multiple selected Workspace profiles.

    You cannot delete a Workspace profile which has a group assigned to it.
  • Select the required option from the list and click Submit.

Adding a Workspace Profile

This section helps you to create a new Workspace profile on the devices where you can configure the Web/App access policy. You can enable the device users access certain URLs on the Workspace app browser or block them as required. You can apply Workspace Profile Restrictions and have Application Management in Work Profile.

To create Workspace profile, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, select Workspace > Profiles.

  2. On the Create Workspace Profile page, click Add Workspace Profile.

  3. Write the Profile Name and add a description in the text field and click Next.

  4. In the Website filtering section, enter the keyword or URL to filter the Web access, and click Add. Click Next.

    The keyword or the URL entered is added under the Blacklisted URLs/Keywords section.

  • ​ To remove the black listed URL or keyword from the list, click the multiplication sign.

  • To whitelist all the black listed URL or keywords, click Whitelist All.

  • To block access to all URLs except the ones you allowed in whitelist, select the check box.

  1. In the Workspace Profile Restrictions section, enable or disable the restriction policy and then apply the following restrictions. Click Next.

    • Allow Screen Capture in Work Profile
    • Allow Copy/Paste from other profiles
    • Allow Camera in Work Profile
    • Allow App installation from unknown sources
    • Allow App Installation in Work Profile
    • Allow App Un-installation in Work Profile
    • Enable App Control in Work Profile
  2. In the Workspace App Management section, set the delivery method on how the apps will be shared such as On Demand or Auto.

    You can push corporate-approved apps in Work Profile by selecting Apps from App store. If you need to push an app in Work Profile that is not available in the App Store, you can add a new app in the App Store.

  3. Click Save.

Editing Workspace Profile

You can edit a Workspace profile and apply it to the devices.

Whenever you modify a profile, a new version of the configuration is created.

To edit a profile, see Adding a Workspace Profile.

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