Disk Imaging

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You can also deploy Seqrite Endpoint Security client through disk imaging like Sysprep.

Disk Image Creation

To deploy clients through Disk Imaging, follow these steps:

  1. Install operating system and other applications.
  2. Download Client Packager (without AV Build or with AV Build).
  3. Disconnect the endpoint from the network that will be used as a source for disk imaging, or ensure that this endpoint is not able to communicate with Seqrite Endpoint Security server.
  4. Install Client.
  5. Run the application remguid.exe from the client agent folder SeqriteClient Agent 10.7>.
  6. Create a disk image.

Client Deployment via Disk Image

Using Disk Image, install the clients on targeted endpoints and restart the machine.

The Disk Imaging feature is available only in the clients with Windows operating systems.

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