Application Control

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Organizations usually face the following concerns while using applications:

  • No illegal or fake applications should be installed on client systems.
  • Malicious applications should not infect the systems.
  • Unnecessary applications should not clog the systems.
    With this feature, you can authorize or unauthorize the users to access and work with certain applications, so that no one accesses an unwanted application.
    You can create various policies based on the requirement of the groups or departments. For example, for the users of the Marketing Department, you can allow access to File Sharing Applications and Web Browser while restrict access to all other applications. For the Accounts Department, you can allow access to Archive Tools and Web Browsers only.

    The Application Control feature is available only in the clients with Windows operating systems.

Application Control

To configure policy for Application Control, follow these steps:

  1. Create Container/feature policy for Application Control.
  2. On the Application Control page, the following settings are available. You can use only one of them at a time.
    • Allow All Applications
    • Block All Applications
  3. Click Save Policy.

Allow All Application

  1. Toggle On the Allow All Application setting and expand.
  2. You can authorize/unauthorize application as per your requirement. To customize the access to the application, click the corresponding option in the Custom column. The list of applications under the selected category is displayed in the table.
  3. On the Feature Policy page, If you want to send a notification when a blocked application is accessed, select Notify when an unauthorized application is blocked.

Block All Applications

  1. Toggle ON the Block All Applications Settings and expand.
  2. To add allowlist, click Add.
    Add allowlists dialog appears. A list of existing allowlists is displayed with details.
    You can select existing allowlist.
  3. Select an allowlist from the list. You can create a new allowlist on the Configuration > Application Control page.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select one of the following modes.
    • Monitoring (Recommended): Use Monitoring mode to analyze the unauthorized application usage for a few days. Fine-tune the allowlist prior to switching to Enforcement mode. Unauthorized applications will only be reported.
    • Enforcement: Unauthorized applications will be blocked and reported.
      Select the Notify user when an unauthorized application is blocked check box to receive a notification when an unauthorized application is blocked.
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