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Reports provides the latest information of all clients and keeps comprehensive logs about virus incidents, policies breaches, and updates.

You can view and generate reports for the listed categories. You can create your own custom category as per your requirement. There are default reports displayed for each category. You can create your own query and generate the custom reports. You can manage the generated queries.

On the reports page, you can do the following;

● View charts of the listed categories

● Create queries to generate reports

● Add custom category to generate reports


Custom created reports can be viewed only by the user who has created the reports.

The following are the listed categories for the reports:

● Virus Scan – You can view the virus incidents after scanning the clients. You can also view the statistics of unscanned endpoints since last 1 ,3 ,7 ,15, and 30 days.

● Anti-Malware Scan – You can view the malware incidents after scanning the clients.

● Web Security – You can view statistics of Web sites blocked through the Browsing Protection, Phishing Protection, or block Web sites modules.

● Tune-up – You can view the number of clients tuned up and how not tuned up at all.

● Advanced Device Control – You can view whether removable devices have been blocked and what actions were taken against unauthorized devices.

● Data Loss Prevention – You can view statistics about attempts of sending the data outside the organization in an unauthorized manner. Data-at-Rest scan reports are included here. You can view the information related to the detected confidential data such as; the file path, threat type, and matched text.

● IDS/IPS – You can view whether there was any attempt of intrusion, and actions taken.

● Firewall – You can view number of violations for Firewall such as; the blocked connection for communications (Inbound or Outbound) and Firewall security level.

● Asset Management – You can view reports related to the hardware/software assets of the Endpoints.

● Application Control – You can view statistics about how many applications were authorized or unauthorized applications. You can also view the application control scan reports here.

● Backup for Ransomware Protection – You can view reports when backup data is stored. The reports display status of the backup taken. This report is only in the tabular format, not in the chart format.

The procedures written below are same for all the above categories including custom category.

On the reports page, you can do the following;

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