Viewing chart report

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To view the reports, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud.
  2. Go to Reports > Select the category for which you want to view the report. The default chart report of last 7 days appears. The chart reports are in Line chart and Pie chart format. The data points on the line chart are interactive.
  3. Hover the chart, a tool-tip appears showing the count of that part.
  4. Click the data point/slice, a pop-up appears displaying details of that part of chart.
    You can generate a new chart by adding a query. You can create maximum 25 reports for each category. The reports are displayed in expand / collapse format.
    The following table shows the types of chart reports per category.
Category Types of Reports
Virus Scan Virus Incidents
Anti-Malware Scan Anti-Malware Incidents
Web Security – Blocked Websites
– Websites blocked by categories
Tune-up Tune-up Status
Advanced Device Control – Number of device violations
– Policy violations by devices
Data Loss Prevention – DLP violations
– Data leaks through data transfer channel
– Type of Data Leaks
IDS/IPS Intrusion Incidents
Firewall No. of violations
Asset Management – Software & Hardware changes
– Platforms
– Applications installed
Application Control – Blocked Applications
– Blocked Applications as per category
Vulnerability Scan – Vulnerabilities by Vendor
– Vulnerabilities by Severity

You can refresh the chart report with the Refresh icon for the latest data.
You can edit the chart report with the Edit icon.
You can remove the custom chart with the Close icon.

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