Deployment Wizard

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In the deployment wizard, the tenant needs to follow all the steps to configure the access control to their organizational domain and set up the tenant credentials. The complete on-boarding of tenants can be done by performing the following 6 steps.

  1. Choosing Deployment Models.
  2. Creating Hardware Configuration.
  3. Configuring FQDN.
  4. Configuring SSL Certificate.
  5. Passing The Tenant Credentials.
  6. Entering Tenant Settings.

Deployment wizard Welcome

After the tenant signs up for Seqrite HawkkScan, the Deployment wizard page opens.
On the welcome screen, click Proceed.

  1. Choose Deployment Models

    Deployment wizard step 1.1

    This is the first step where the tenant has to select a deployment model as per their organizational need. Click Proceed To Choose Deployment Model. A new page appears.

    Deployment wizard Step 1.2

    Select the appropriate Deployment Type from the list. Click Submit.
    After this is done, Click Proceed to Step 2.

  2. Create Hardware Configuration

    Deployment wizard Step 2.1

    In this step, the tenant will create required hardware configuration using their AWS account. Click Proceed To Create Hardware Configuration.

    Deployment wizard Step 2.2

    On the next page, download the template and follow the instructions to create the required EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instances. After this is done, click Proceed to Step 3.

  3. Configuring FQDN

    Deployment wizard Step 3.1

    In step 3, the tenant will enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to point to the Discovery and Analysis Realm that was set up in the previous step. Click Proceed To Configure FQDN.

    Deployment wizard Step 3.2

    Enter the domain name in the designated textbox and click Proceed to Step 4.

  4. Configuring SSL Certificate

    Deployment wizard Step 4.1

    In this step, the tenant will configure the SSL certificate for the required organizational domain. Click Proceed To Configure SSL Certificate.

    Deployment wizard Step 4.2

    On the next page, follow the listed steps. After this is done, click Proceed to Step 5.

  5. Passing The Tenant Credentials

    Deployment wizard Step 5.1

    In this step, the tenant credentials are set up and the connection to the Data Discovery Realm is tested. Click Proceed To Pass Tenant Credentials.

    Deployment wizard Step 5.2

    Deployment wizard Step 5.3

    On the next page, follow the listed steps and test the connection. After the connection is successful, click Proceed To Step 6.

  6. Entering Tenant Settings

    Deployment wizard Step 6.1

    In Step 6, tenant enters the tenant settings that will decide the time taken for the scan. Click Proceed To Enter Tenant Settings.

    Deployment wizard Step 6.2

    On the next page, enter the details as required. After this is done, click Submit. After this, click Finish.

    Deployment wizard success

  7. A new page appears stating a success message. Now, the tenant has successfully configured the access control to their organizational domain and set up the tenant credentials.

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