On Your Premise

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In this type of deployment, the management console is hosted on AWS and discovery console is hosted on-premise.
Select the On your premise option and click Continue.

If you want to deploy the HawkkScan discovery realm within your company premises, follow these steps.

  1. In the onboarding wizard, select On your Premise.

    1st screen

  2. Click Download OVA file. You will be redirected to a new page.
    3rd screen
  3. Download the HawkkScan.zip file on this page.

    The golden images are available in this zip file.

  4. Create 4 Virtual Machines (VMs) from the golden images with IP addresses as follows:
  5. Check the following attributes:
    1. Check whether all four VMs are powered on. If not, they must be powered on.
    2. To check microk8s cluster on each VM, run the following command.
      microk8s status

      If it is not running, run the following command.

      microk8s start

    3. Run following command.
      microk8s kubectl get pods -A

      Verify that all pods are running. If not, contact the QuickHeal support team.

    4. After configuring NAT gateway, use the NAT public IP address/ domain name and paste it in the discovery realm domain name in the onboarding wizard.

  6. Click Test connection.
    4th screen
  7. 5th screen
    A success message is displayed.
    6th screen

    The on-premise deployment of the discovery realm is successful.

7th screen

If you face any difficulties, contact the QuickHeal support team.

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