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Seqrite HawkkScan supports a variety of users. You can assign appropriate roles to existing users from the allied Seqrite HawkkEye. The Users tab helps you to view/administer all the admin role types on the Seqrite Hawkkscan console. You can view all the users and their assigned administrative user roles. You can also change the user roles.


You can add users in Seqrite HawkkEye which is another Seqrite product from the Hawkk series. These users added in Seqrite HawkkEye are available in Seqrite HawkkScan when you navigate from the Seqrite HawkkEye console to Seqrite HawkkScan. These users must be assigned appropriate administrative roles.


For more information on users in Seqrite HawkkEye, refer this link:

The following information is displayed for each user.

Column Name Description
User Name Name of the user.
Email Address Email Address of the user.
User Role Assigned user role.

Actions available

  • Click a user to view the user details in the right pane.
  • Click the column name to sort the users in an alphabetic order.
  • You can search for users by clicking the Search icon.

User Roles

Types of user roles

  • Data Privacy Administrator

    The Data Privacy Administrator is responsible for the overall administration of the HawkkScan product. This user has all the privileges in Seqrite HawkkScan.

  • Data Protection Officer

    The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an enterprise security leadership role required by regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data Protection Officers are responsible for overseeing a company’s data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR and other compliance requirements. This user has all the privileges except for managing Subject Rights Request tasks.

  • Chief Compliance Officer

    The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of an enterprise is the officer primarily responsible for overseeing and managing regulatory compliance issues within the enterprise.

  • Data Analyst

    The Data Analyst is responsible for framing a business problem and analyzing data to help leaders make business decisions.

  • Domain or Business Owner

    The Domain Owner or Business Owner is a subject matter expert within an enterprise.

  • Data Source Administrator

    The Data Source Administrator is a technology expert within an enterprise. The Data Source Administrator is also responsible for owning, tracking, and resolving data source-related incidents and requests within defined service-level agreements (SLAs).

Changing a user role

To change the role of a user, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to Seqrite HawkkScan console and navigate to the Users page. A list of all the existing assigned users is displayed.
  2. Hover over user name and click the Change user role icon that is displayed.
  3. On the User Role dialog box, select the user role as required from the drop-down menu and click Save. A success prompt is displayed that says ‘User Role changed successfully’.

Changing the user role for multiple users

  1. To change multiple users to a single role, select the users by selecting the check boxes in front of their names.
  2. Click the Change User Role button that is displayed on the upper right corner.
  3. On the User Role dialog box, change the User Role as required.
  4. Click Save.

User Roles

User roles

This tab displays all the user roles available in Seqrite HawkkScan. A super admin can change privileges of different user roles. The following information is listed on this page.

Column Name Description
User Role Name of the user role.
Type Type of the user role.
Users Number of users who are assigned that role.

When you click each user role, a new page User Role Privileges is displayed.

User role privileges_new

It gives you detailed information about what accesses the user has with regards to data sources, classifiers and rights requests.

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