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The app Configuration option lets you control and apply app restrictions (black list) on the device. You can create new app configurations and apply the configurations on the devices.

Using the app configuration you have the capability to control the visibility or non-visibility of applications on Android devices.

When you create the app configuration, you can restrict any new app installation (even published apps) on ADO and Knox supported device. For non-ADO and non-Knox devices, restriction will not be applied on new app installation, but the app which you are about to install will be blocked.

You can also recommend apps with specific version, but if the user has the higher or earlier versions of the app, then also the recommended app will not be blocked by using the “Do not block apps which are pending for upgrade/downgrade” option. You may configure this setting where your recommended app will not be blocked.

You can block access for any newly installed apps on the Android devices and block the apps based on the selected app categories that are available in Seqrite mSuite. You can apply restrictions to block apps for the full time. You can also recommend apps for installation on the user devices. You can add a particular version or multiple versions of the apps as suggested, restricted, fully blocked, or whitelisted.

Additionally, you can also restrict and limit the usage of the apps by configuring Launcher. With the App Launcher option, the user will be able to see and access only the selected active apps. After App Launcher is configured on a particular device, the Launcher screen will be activated and then the user can view only the selected apps and configure only the selected settings on the device.

Note: If the user tries to access other apps, then the Launcher will block the app.

You can configure apps for the devices that are enrolled using Android Management API Enrollment through the Android App Management tab. This App Management will not be applicable to any other enrolled devices.

Advanced Search for App Configurations

The Advanced Search option allows you to perform an advanced search for different app configurations.

To search app configurations, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Apps > Configuration > Advanced Search. Following search category is displayed:
    • Select Created By: Select this option to search configurations as per creator name.
  2. Select the creator name and click Search. The search result gets displayed.

App Configurations List Page

The App Configurations list page displays all the created app configurations. The table displays the information of all the available app configurations, such as configuration name, type, number of devices, created on, last updated etc.

Take Action options for app configurations

The Take Action list appears on the App Configurations page when you select a single or multiple Admin role. The available options in the list are:

  • Delete: Helps you to delete the single or multiple selected app configurations.
  • Apply to Groups: Helps you to apply the selected app configuration to the groups. You can apply the single configuration to multiple groups at the same time.

Note: After you apply a new App Configuration to a group, it will overwrite the old App Configuration that was already applied.

  1. Select the option from the With selected list and follow the steps mentioned below;
  • Select Delete and click Submit. Or

  • Select Apply to Groups or Apply to Devices > select the groups or devices to apply the configuration > click Apply.

    The selected action is carried out on a single or multiple selected apps.

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