Overviewing and Editing App Configuration and Launcher

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After the app configuration is added to the Seqrite mSuite console, the App Configuration page is displayed. You can edit configuration details.

To overview and edit the app configurations, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Apps > Configuration > Edit icon. Overview of the app configuration is displayed.
    The Overview page informs about the configuration created date, setting name, number of devices to which the configuration is applied, version of the configuration, if the configuration access is blocked for newly installed apps or if the configuration is marked as default. Also, it lists the devices to which the configuration was applied.
  2. Click the Edit tab. Edit details and Device options are displayed.
  3. In Edit details section, you can edit the configuration details; such as configuration name, mark it as default or block the configuration access to the newly installed apps.
  4. Click the Devices tab. List of devices to which the configuration is applied is displayed.
  5. To apply the configuration to any device, click Apply configuration to device. In the new screen, select the devices and click Apply.
  6. Click the Edit Configuration tab. In this section,
    • In App Categories section, you can block the category or remove category blocking by selecting or clearing the check boxes. Also, white list the apps or app versions.
    • In Blacklisted Apps section, you can edit the uninstall list or fully blocked list.
    • In Published Apps section, you can add apps or app versions to the recommended list.
    • In the System Kiosk Mode, you can add or remove the app that will be visible on ADO supported devices in Kiosk mode.
      To get more information, see Adding new app configuration and activating the Launcher.
  7. Click the Launcher tab. In this section, you can change the Launcher settings and edit the Active Apps list as follows:
    • Turn on or off the Launcher, or change the alert time, or change the Launcher exit duration.
    • You can change primary settings or device settings.
    • You can edit the active apps list.
    • With respect to branding, you can add or change the company logo and wallpaper that will be displayed on the Launcher.
  8. To save the edited configuration, click Save.
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