Managing Fence

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This chapter includes the information about how to view, edit, and delete a fence.

Overviewing and editing fence information

After you add a new fencing to the Seqrite mSuite console, you can view and modify the fencing details as required. This option helps you to edit fencing details, which you have entered at the time of creating a new fence. You can also view the information of a selected fencing.

To navigate directly to the Fencing Details page, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Fencing > Fences.
  2. Select the fence which is to be viewed or edited and then click the Edit icon from Actions column.
    Tip: To edit the time fence, click the Edit icon in front of the Time Fence only. Similarly, to edit the Geo or Wi-Fi fence, click the Edit icon in front of Geo or Wi-Fi fence only.
    The Fence overview page is displayed with fence details.
    The fence details change according to the type of fence selected.
  3. Click Edit tab.

    • For Wi-Fi and Time fence, in Edit details section, you can edit the fence information.
    • For Geo fence, in Edit tab a map is displayed with the fence balloon. To edit the geo details, click the balloon. In Save Geo Fence dialog box, make the required changes.
  4. To save the edited fence configurations, click Save.

To get the complete detail of the fence configuration, click the Export button.

Deleting Fence

The Fences can be deleted using any of the either options:

  1. On Fences list page, select a single fence and click the Delete icon in Actions column.
  2. On Fences list page, select single or multiple devices.
    The Take Action option is displayed.
  3. Select Delete and then click Submit.
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