Bulk Enrollment with Group QR Code

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All the devices of any group can be enrolled in a single instance using the Group QR Code option. To enroll the devices of the group, you need to generate the QR code.

While performing bulk enrollment using group QR code, for consistent nomenclature, you can use the device naming preference option. You can name the devices as per IMEI number, MAC address, phone address, or system generated number.

Generating group QR code

To generate a QR code and to enroll multiple devices of a group, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Groups.

  2. On Groups page, select a group and click Edit icon.

  3. On the Group Details page, click the Bulk Enrollment tab.

  4. To enable other sections on the Group Details page, select the Generate Group QR Code for the bulk enrollment check box.

    This feature is applicable only to the Android devices.

  5. Assign owner to the group by clicking Assign Owner button and select the owner.

  6. Select an enrollment preference from mSuite for Device Management, Workspace without Device Management, Android Enterprise Enrollment using AMA and Enrollment using ADO Enablement.

  7. To select the consistent naming convention for the devices, select the required option from Select Device Name list from below-mentioned options.

      Note: The naming convention is set as system generated by default for device when Enrollment using Android Management API option is selected.

    • As System Generated: Use this option for default nomenclature by the system.

    • As IMEI Number: Use this option to name the devices according to the device IMEI number.

    • As MAC Address: Use this option to name the devices by their MAC address.

    • As Phone Number: Use this option to name the devices by their phone number.

  8. Select the validity of the QR code by selecting the number of days from the list.

  9. Click Generate QR Code.

    The QR code is generated with the details such as Company Code, OTP, Enrollment URL, Expiry date, Group owner, Group name, and Auto Approval. An email will be sent to the group owner with the respective QR code details.

  • ‚Äč To generate the new QR code, click the Try new QR code link.
  • To cease the QR code at any instance, click Terminate QR Code .
  • To download the QR code, click Download . You can use this option to print the QR code and share on the notice board. Users can scan the QR Code and enroll the mobile devices.
  1. You can also send the QR code to other users. Enter the email addresses separated by a comma in the Send Email text box and click Send.

    • To update the QR code details, click Update QR Code.

If a device user has not set the mobile number in the SIM, the device name will not be set as a phone number.
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