Introducing Seqrite mSuite

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In the present era, organizations are providing smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices to their employees for better communication and enhanced productivity. In such a scenario, to secure and monitor mobile devices, we have a one-stop-solution called Seqrite mSuite.

Using the Seqrite mSuite console, the administrator of an organization can remotely monitor, secure, manage, and track all types of mobile devices thereby reducing the risk of losing corporate data. It also helps in ensuring that all the employees follow the information security policies of using mobile devices.

Seqrite mSuite

Seqrite mSuite allows the administrator to configure settings remotely on one or many devices at the same time.

In case the mobile devices are lost or stolen, the organizations are always at the risk of business data misuse or loss. Seqrite mSuite helps the organizations to block the stolen or lost devices, prevent data pilferage by wiping the data from the device, and trace the device location to help recover the devices.

Benefits of Seqrite mSuite

  • Secure and manage all the Android and iOS devices.
  • Secure data and resources, enhance user productivity, reduce cost, and maintain communication.
  • Perform central administration of mSuite console.Monitor the device by using policies and configurations.
  • Make device compliant with policies.
  • Monitor calls/SMSs and also network data usage.
  • Manage device app with app configuration.
  • Prevent misuse of the device by launching Seqrite Launcher.
  • Monitor the device by either applying time, location, or Wi-Fi fence.
  • Generate the customized reports.
  • Remotely access the enrolled mobile device.

How does Seqrite mSuite work?

Seqrite mSuite works on the Agent-Server architecture where the console (Hosted on Cloud) manages all the mobile devices. The agents can be installed on almost all the flavors of mobile platforms (Android and iOS). Seqrite mSuite Admin gets full control of the device to manage, monitor, and track the device.

Seqrite mSuite helps the Admin to deploy and enroll Seqrite mSuite Agent on the mobile device over the air. Seqrite mSuite apply certain policies and configurations (App Configuration, Web Security Configuration, Anti-theft, Network Data usage, Fence Configuration and so on) on the device. Seqrite mSuite Agent act on the device silently and apply most of the restrictions without user intervention. Seqrite mSuite Agent has built-in antivirus, which keeps the devices safe from any virus attack.

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