Seqrite Workspace

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Mobile container technology describes a set of software and services that deliver corporate apps, files, and services to a user on any device and over any network. Seqrite Workspace is a container-based application. With the BYOD concept, the mobile container applications become very useful. This helps the employees to maintain and access the personal and corporate data within the single device.

Seqrite Workspace enhances employee experience, security, and data breach protection. Workspace provides a perfect enterprise app catalog that can be mandatorily pushed or optionally downloaded.

Seqrite Workspace Advantages

  • With Workspace, you can excellently segregate your personal data with corporate data.
  • Support for iOS and Android enables the use of preferred devices for work.
  • Useful in managing and accessing your corporate emails and contacts.
  • Sync with your corporate meetings with Calendar feature.
  • Access or share the important documents that you receive in the vault repository.
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