Accessibility Permission Revoked

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You get this notification when the accessibility permission for Seqrite mSuite and Launcher app has been disabled or disconnected. If this notification is viewed, then the accessibility services on the device would not be working as expected, that is, the web security and app control functionality would not be functioning.

  • To rectify this problem, you should contact the device user to enable the accessibility service. If already ON, then ask the device user to turn OFF the device and again turn it ON. If this problem persists, then ask the device user to restart the device.
  • Even after restarting the device, if the problem persists, then re-enroll the device.
  • If the issue is resolved, then you need to close this notification.

Viewing devices on which accessibility services permission has been removed

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and click mobile icon.
  2. Click View all Notifications. You are redirected to the notifications page.
  3. In Select Notification Type list, click Enrollment Notification.
  4. In Select Report Type list, click Accessibility Permission Revoked.
  5. Click the time duration to view the notifications and click Search.
    The notification list is displayed with the devices on which the Accessibility Service for mSuite and launcher app has been removed.
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