Delete All Notifications

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The Delete all Notifications option helps to delete all the specific type of notifications. This option is available on all the Notification pages. To navigate to Notification page, click the View all Notifications link on any notifications dialog box.

Deleting all notifications

To delete all the notifications of a particular notification type, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and click any of the notifications icon.
  2. In notifications dialog box, click the link to view all the notifications. Notifications list page is displayed.
  3. To delete the notifications from the Notifications list page, you can use either of the options:

    • In the upper-right corner, click the Clear all Notifications link. On the confirmation screen click OK.
    • All the notifications of a specific notification type are deleted. OR
    • On notifications list page, select the notifications check boxes which are to be deleted. The Take Action option is displayed. From Take Option list, select Delete > click Submit > click OK.
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