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Seqrite mSuite provides the following configurations; Anti-theft, Web security, Wi-Fi, Schedule Scan, and Data Usage. Also, you can create your own configurations and apply them to the device or the device group. The Anti-Theft and Web Security configurations are created by default when the company is registered. Thus, the anti-theft and web security configurations are applied by default to the newly added devices.

Advanced Search for Configurations

The Advanced Search option allows you to perform an advanced search for the devices.

To search configurations with advanced search option, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Profiles > Configurations > Advanced Search.
  2. Select the search categories:
    • Select Configuration type: Select this option to search configurations according to the configuration type.
    • Select Created By: Select this option to search the configurations by creator name.
  3. Click Search. To change the search categories, click Reset.

Configurations List Page

The Configurations list page displays the default and created configurations. The table displays the information about all the configurations added to Seqrite mSuite console.

Take Action Options for Configurations

The Take Action option appears when you select single or multiple configurations. The Take Action options for configurations are as follows:

  • Delete: You can delete single or multiple selected configurations with this option.
  • Apply to Groups: Helps to apply the selected configuration to the selected groups.
  • Apply to Device: Helps to apply the selected configuration to the selected devices.

Note: You cannot apply multiple configurations of one type on the groups or device at the same time, whereas you can apply multiple Wi-Fi configurations.

From the available options, select the option and sub-option (if any).

  • Select Delete and then click Submit.
  • If Apply to Group or Apply to Device is selected, you need to select the groups or devices and then click Apply. On confirmation screen, click OK.
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