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The policies option allows you to assign policies to the group and manage the devices in that group. You can apply policies to single or multiple groups to secure the devices from losing the crucial information. You can assign or unassign the policies, edit, and remove the policies.

Note: KNOX-supported policies are applicable to all the KNOX-supported devices.

Some Samsung devices may not indicate that they are KNOX-supported, but may show a prompt to accept the KNOX/Samsung agreement. If the user accepts the KNOX/Samsung agreement, then the KNOX policies are applied to the device.

Advanced Search for Policies

The Advanced Search option allows you to perform an advanced search for different policies.

To search policies, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Profiles > Policy > Advanced Search.
  2. From the Select Created By list, select the desired creator name and click Search. The search result gets displayed.

Policies List Page

The Policies list page displays all the available policies in Seqrite mSuite.

Take Action options for policies

The Take Action list appears on the Policies list page when you select single or multiple policies. The Take Action options are as follows:

  • Create mSuite Policy Copy: Helps you to create a duplicate copy of a single selected policy. You can create a copy of a single policy, whereas you cannot create copy of multiple policies.
  • Delete: Helps you to delete single or multiple selected policies.

    Note: You cannot delete a policy which has a group assigned to it.

    1. Select the required option from the list and click Submit.
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