Scheduled Reports

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Scheduled reports page shows all the available On Demand and Custom reports that are scheduled for given specific time and frequency in the mSuite portal. Only the Super admin can schedule the reports and other sub-admins can view the reports.

Scheduled report gives complete information about the reports such as;

  • Id: Shows the Id of the report.
  • Report Name: Shows the name of the report.
  • Report Status: Shows different report status such as;
  • Completed: Shows that the scheduled report has been generated.
  • In Progress: Shows that the scheduled report has not completed the set frequency of the report.
  • Pending: Shows that the scheduled report is yet to start with report generation.
  • Report Frequency: Shows the scheduled report frequency.
  • Report Type: Shows the report type.
  • Created by: Shows the name of report creator.
  • Created On: Shows the date and time when the report was scheduled.
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