Workspace Enrollment Guide

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How to Enroll an Android mobile device with the Seqrite mSuite console?

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To enroll a mobile device, follow these steps.

Steps 1

An administrator can add a mobile device to the Seqrite mSuite console and then send an enrollment request to the mobile device user to enroll with Workspace.

Please note the following points.

  • If the device is available with the administrator of the Seqrite mSuite console, enrollment can be done with the “Enrollment using QR Code” method.
  • If the device is with device owner and it is accessible only remotely, enrollment can do done with “Enrollment using Email/SMS” method.

Steps 2

The device user receives an enrollment request through an email or SMS.

SMS for enrolment request

Email message for enrolment request

The device user needs to download the Seqrite mSuite agent app from the link given in SMS/Email and install the app on the device.

Steps 3

Once the Seqrite mSuite agent app is installed, the user must grant permission for all accessibilities and enroll the Seqrite mSuite agent app by entering an OTP/Company Code or scanning the QR code given in the email.

Steps 4

After enrolling with the Seqrite mSuite agent app, the Seqrite Workspace Agent app will get downloaded on the device. Install the app. Once the Workspace App is installed on the mobile device, a separate Work Profile is created on the device.

Step 5

After the work profile is created, initially there will be two Workspace apps available on the device. One with a badge icon inside the work profile and another one with a simple icon outside the work profile. Only one Workspace App (Work app is marked with a briefcase badge) is required that is inside the work profile. Hence, the user needs to uninstall the workspace app that is outside the work profile.

When the mobile user launches the Workspace app (that is inside the work profile – with the briefcase badge) on the device, it shows a message to uninstall the workspace app that is outside the work profile.

  • Once the Workspace app present outside the work profile is uninstalled, launch the Workspace App (Work app is marked with a briefcase badge) again that is inside the work profile.
  • A password setup screen appears. Set a password.
  • Now, user can log in to the Workspace app.

Finding the work profile on your device

Once a work profile is set up, your organization can automatically install work apps on your device. However, the location of the work profile may vary depending on the device manufacturer and Android version.

This section describes where to find the work profile, whether in the app drawer or on the home screen.

Work profile in app drawer

Swipe up on the home screen or select Apps to access the app drawer. Work apps appear alongside your personal apps or under a Work tab in your app drawer. This Work section is a separate work profile that contains all the Apps in the enterprise Workspace.

Work profile in Folder

On some devices, a Work folder is automatically created as Work Profile and all enterprise apps are clubbed in this Work Folder.

Identify work apps

Work apps are marked with a briefcase badge to differentiate it from other apps. Some screen readers and voice assistants identify work apps by calling out "work" before the app name.

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