Seqrite Workspace

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Seqrite Workspace is a container-based application that can be installed on the Android mobile devices. After Seqrite Workspace is installed on a mobile device, a work space environment is created where the user can perform various functions. However, the data from the secure work space cannot be shared outside. Thus, it eliminates the risk of leaking out the business data.

At the same time, the employees have uninterrupted access to their personal sections on the same mobile device.

Advantages of Seqrite Workspace

  • A separate Work profile is created on the mobile devices where business data and corporate-approved apps remain secure.

  • Admin can install corporate-approved apps in the Work profile.

  • Creates a separate workspace environment on the mobile device of the users, yet restricts sharing of the business data outside.

  • Allows the users uninterrupted access to the personal sections.

  • Supports bring your own devices (BYOD) to the office and allow official tasks on the personal mobile devices.

  • Allows access to your corporate emails and contacts on the go.

  • Access or share the important documents that you receive in the vault repository.

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