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This page will be visible only to the customers who have purchased only Seqrite EPS.

On this page, you can manage Seqrite Endpoint Security licenses. You can check the status of your Seqrite Endpoint Security license, DLP licenses and File Sandbox license information. For post paid license, license information is not displayed.

License Status

In the License Status window, you can check the current status of your license information.
The license information includes the following details:

Title Description
Company Name Displays the name of the company to which Seqrite Endpoint Security is registered.
Product Name Displays the product name, Seqrite Endpoint Security.
Product Edition Displays the product edition.
Product Key Displays the Product Key of Seqrite Endpoint Security.
License Expiry Date (GMT) Displays the License Expiry Date of Seqrite Endpoint Security license.
Tenant Id Displays Tenant Id.

The license status displays three half pie charts, one chart for EPS License, the other for DLP License and one for File Sandbox License. The chart displays the number of licenses utilized and licenses remaining.

Update License Information

This feature is useful to synchronize your existing license information with Seqrite Activation Server. You can update your license information whenever required by clicking the Update License Information button.

License Order

In the License Order window, you can place an order to renew your license, add new licenses to your existing setup, or buy additional features packs.

To place an order, follow these steps:

  1. Select one of the following options:
    • Renew my license: Helps you renew your current license.
    • Add license for new endpoints: Helps you buy additional licenses.
    • Edition Upgrade/Buy additional feature: Helps you upgrade the edition or buy additional features packs as per the following table:
  2. Click Place an Order.
    An order is created, and an automated Email is sent to the back-end team to process your order.
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