Custom Server Certificate

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EPS 8.2 by default supports self-sign certificates. Now, there is a provision to replace the public key certificate if a customer has it. This enhancement lets you replace the custom certificate. It can be done more than once.

Note: Ensure that the file names such as .crt or .key files do not consist of any space.

Replacing the Custom Certificates

Follow these steps to replace the custom certificates.

Note: Only a root user or a super user is authorized to run the script and replace the certificate.

  1. Copy the script ( provided by Seqrite to your local machine.
    CDN location for the script:
  2. Have your certificate saved on your system and have the path handy.
  3. Go to the terminal.
  4. Run the bash command. (bash
  5. It asks to enter the .cert file path. Enter the path name. For example, /test/selfsigned.crt
  6. Then, it asks to enter the .key file path. Enter the path.
  7. Hit enter.
    A success message appears as Custom certificate installed successfully.
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