Client Action

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Using the options in the Client Action list, you can perform different actions on the endpoints.

You can remotely initiate scan for individual endpoints or endpoints in a group, customize scan settings, and stop scanning as per your preference. You can improve the performance of your endpoints by initiating Tune-up scan which can clean up disk space, registry entries, and schedule defragmentation at next boot. You can update the SEQRITE Endpoint Security virus database for the endpoints.

The following table shows a comparison of the features in Client Action that are applicable for different SEQRITE Endpoint Security clients on different operating systems. Only supported feature list will be displayed as per the OS.

Features Clients
Windows Mac Linux
Scan Yes Yes Yes
Update Yes Yes Yes
Tuneup Yes No No
Temporary Device Access Yes Yes No
Enumerate Network Yes No No
Remote Uninstall Yes Yes Yes
DLP Yes Yes No
Update Agent Role Yes No No
Delete Backup Data Yes No No
Assign Custom Policy Yes Yes Yes
Upgrade Clients Yes Yes No
Application Control Yes No No
Vulnerability Scan Yes No No
Move to Group Yes Yes Yes
Remove Selected Endpoint(s) Yes Yes Yes

The Client Actions button helps you to initiate actions on the selected endpoints.

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