Activity Logs

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The activity log contains the details for all the user activities that are carried out on the SEQRITE MSSP console.

Some of the activity logs are as follows.

  • A user logs in or logs out.
  • A new site is added to a site type in SEQRITE MSSP.
  • A site is edited.
  • A new policy is added to a site.
  • A policy is applied to a site.
  • A site with a policy is edited.
  • A site with 2FA is added.
  • A site with 2FA is edited.
  • Failed sites are retried.
  • Failed product is retried.
  • Web console is accessed.
  • A policy is updated.
  • The license is synced to update the license information.
  • The primary email address is changed.

Observing the Activity Logs

To observe the activity logs, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to SEQRITE MSSP with your credentials.
  2. On the left panel, click the Activity Log menu.

    ​ All the activities are displayed.

    ​ You can modify your search criteria by changing the number of days for which the activity logs are required and the IP address.

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