Web Access Controller Settings

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Seqrite Endpoint Security is launching a new extension called Web Access Controller. This extension ensures that users within your organization can only sign into their Corporate Google Accounts on the Endpoint’s Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser for specific domains that are configured by the Administrator. This implementation ensures compliance and prevents any misuse or abuse.

Additionally, this extension offers an additional layer of security by restricting users within your organization from watching YouTube videos solely on the Endpoint’s Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. Users can only access videos of specific categories, channels, and publishers, enhancing compliance and preventing unauthorized usage.

This extension must be used with Seqrite Endpoint Security; cannot be used independently.

Web Access Controller Extension Settings

On this page, you can configure extension application settings.

Web Access Controller extension is installed by Seqrite Endpoint Security automatically.

  1. In Extension Installation Settings section, select one of the following options.

    • Manually restart Browser to apply Extension – You need to restart the browser manually. When the fresh browser session starts, Seqrite Extension is applied.
    • Automatically terminate Browser to apply Extension – The current session of the browser will be terminated automatically, and the extension will be applied when the next browser session will be started.
  2. Select the Protect Web Access Controller Extension check box to disable the installation of other Browser Extensions. If you enable this, you cannot install any new browser extensions.
  3. Web Access Controller extension will be applied according to above settings to the broswer.

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