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View Action Log of selected endpoint
You can view the action log (history) of all actions performed on the endpoints. To view the action log, click the row of the endpoint for which you want to view the history. The action log appears in the lower pane of the page in the tabular format. The Action Status column displays the corresponding status of the action. The status and meanings are as follows:

  • Queued – After initiating, the action is in the queued state until the endpoint pulls the action.
  • Success – The initiated action has been reached the endpoint. The endpoint has acknowledged the request to the server.
  • Skipped – The multiple requests for the same action are skipped.
  • Failed –The scenario can be one of the following:

    • The similar action is in progress at the endpoint side.
    • The antivirus is not installed so cannot carry the selection action.
    • The action is not applicable for the selected endpoint.

    By default, you can view the action log of last 7 days. You can view the log for last 3,7, and 15 days by selecting from the list.
    The activity logs will be deleted as per settings done in Admin > Settings.

  • If the antivirus is not installed, the action logs about only the following actions are displayed:
    • Enumerate Network
    • Remote Uninstall
    • Remove selected endpoints
    • Temporary Device Access
  • Provides the facility of automatically updating Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud for enhancements or bug fixes.
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